Office 365: Using Lync or Skype on Linux

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When you have a *nix crowd to cater for in your Office 365 or Lync deployment the following information will be useful:

– You can use the SIPE plugin to enable your *nix users to chat on O365 or Lync servers

– There’s a client-side bug in pidgin-sipe v. 1.18.2 where it used the user’s SIP address entered as the login address being presented to the ADFS server regardless of what was entered into the console

– This was fixed upstream in v 1.18.4

– This bug is invisible when the user has the same UPN and SIP address

– On the AD FS server side a workaround would be to allow extended attribute lookup during logon (f.x. use the ‘mail’ attribute if it matches the SIP address)

Note: The Alternate Login ID feature is not compatible with Exchange Online Hybrid Deployments. Customers that wish to configure Exchange Online Hybrid Deployments with Office 365 must not configure Alternate Login ID.

The Alternate Login ID feature may impact various other Azure AD and Office 365 scenarios including:

  • Office 365 ProPlus activation may require explicit sign-in
  • InTune customers using SCCM connectors may require additional configuration.

Further details:

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