Predicting the future with Powershell and Mathemagic

Have you ever had the pleasure of being awoken in the middle of the night by a low disk space alert on one of your business-critical LOB systems?

Did you ever wish for a more proactive method for catching this than waiting for the yellow/red alerts to go “ping!”?

I know I did, so I sat down and played math for a couple of hours and then applied the result using Powershell and a scheduled task.  The result is a configurable script that sends you an email alert when the sustained disk consumption on the system is estimated to consume all freespace on one of the disks within the set amount of time you specify (by default 30 Days).

Download ChkBurn 0.8 – modify all references to Contoso to fit your domain.

Sample output:


Name Reference is invalid when creating Group-Managed Service Account with New-ADServiceAccount

Name Reference is Invalid

This tycically happens when running the Powershell CMDLet New-ADServiceAccount and the SPN you’re trying to add on the command line is either incorrectly formatted (backslash or forward-slash anyone?) or the container for it is missing in AD.  For confirmation run the command without the SPN and try adding the same within the ADSIEdit.msc console – you should see the error message above.

Resolution: fix the format of your SPN obviously 🙂


Recommend this excellent post from my former PFE colleagues for beefing up on GMSA in Windows Server 2012+:

Windows Server 2012: Group Managed Service Accounts


…and other more verbose but less focused Technet material if you want the whole book and not just the summary:

ms-DS-Group-Managed-Service-Account class

Group Managed Service Accounts Overview