Predicting the future with Powershell and Mathemagic

Have you ever had the pleasure of being awoken in the middle of the night by a low disk space alert on one of your business-critical LOB systems?

Did you ever wish for a more proactive method for catching this than waiting for the yellow/red alerts to go “ping!”?

I know I did, so I sat down and played math for a couple of hours and then applied the result using Powershell and a scheduled task.  The result is a configurable script that sends you an email alert when the sustained disk consumption on the system is estimated to consume all freespace on one of the disks within the set amount of time you specify (by default 30 Days).

Download ChkBurn 0.8 – modify all references to Contoso to fit your domain.

Sample output:


The Service Improvement Pipeline in Utopia

In any discussion about computer systems, please keep this in mind:

  • The world is an imperfect place, do not expect computer systems to be more perfect than the world you live in
  • Striving for perfection is healthy – expecting perfection in an imperfect world is a recipe for disaster (and an ulcer)
  • In a perfect world there would be no room for improvement nor any need for further development – we do not live in a perfect world

Given that – the following is my visualization of a structured approach to engaging all parties in a service delivery relationship with the goal of maximizing the synergy of ideas from different sources while maintaining a reasonable level of control and accountability without clogging the works too much.


Service Improvement Pipeline